fun prank: put $1000 in an envelope and mail it to me

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Germany - WC 2014

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World Cup 2014 Quarterfinals

France vs Germany

Brazil vs Colombia

Argentina vs Belgium

Holland vs Costa Rica

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Neymar and David Beckham !♡ on We Heart It.

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USA 2-2 Portugal [WC 2014 Group G] 22/06/2014

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Geno’s comment on the Pens’ picture of Sid and his trophies.

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Heidi: Well what I love most is the fact that you took your first selfie tonight and you did it with the man who gave you this trophy, Ted Lindsay!

Sidney: It was both of our first selfies, so it worked out pretty good.

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Congratz to the BEST HOCKEY player and the BEST CAPTAIN he really deserve this

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do you ever love a sports team so much you just want to hit every member in the face with a shovel

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“why don’t poor people just get a job?”


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